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More Cambodian Rice is Coming January 7

Lee Steinbrenner will be bringing more rice to purchase. Please plan to get enough rice for at least three months if you want to continue to have it at meals. We will suggest to Lee to come to EBF about every 3 months, if it's possible.

Ft. Stevens State Park, Cambodian Camp Out

3rd Weekend of August 2018. The Mission Team is looking for someone else to go this next summer. It's a great way to get to know Cambodians, and to learn about their ministries and connections in Cambodia.

March Missions Garage Sale

The funds we generate will be used for specific Mission Team goals. The three major goals we have now are:

  1. To get the entire Audio-Khmer Bible into the hands of the Church in Cambodia.
  2. To complete the Khmer Jesus Storybook and get it into the hands of the Church in Cambodia
  3. To send Richard Roberts and Doug Moorhead to Cambodia to continue to build relationships, and help with the distribution and implementation of the Khmer Audio Bible and Jesus Storybook Bible.

Please continue to store items for this sale, and if you wish, bring items to EBF to be stored in our onsite container outside.

Mary Haag At Work for Mission Team

Mary was asked to search Phnom Penh markets to see if the markets have the water proof speakers, solar charging systems, and cell phones needed to carry the SD cards with the recording. A couple volunteered to help Mary to search at least one large market. If the equipment is available in Cambodia, it will be far less expensive for the Cambodians to purchase the equipment and to spread the Khmer Bible recording.

Khmer Gospel Project Logo

Talking Bible Fundraising

Goal: $25,000
Giving: $1,770

Jesus Storybook Bible

Giving: $7,313

Techies Wanted

Mission Team Needs Another Tech Expert: We meet the first and third Sunday of each month. Please consider joining and assisting us with your gifts and talents. See Jim or Doug.