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Jeff and Courtney Hogue

Pray for their continued health and work to help to establish churches in the Koh Kong region of Cambodia.

Mary Haag, Phnom Penh

Pray for her teaching counseling skills to pastors, for her counseling work at Mercy Medical Center, and her work at two Bible Schools. Pray that she gets special close friends and has time regularly to meet with them.

Beth and Choeun Steinbrenner

Pray that Beth continues to have time to work on the Organic Rice production with local Christian pastors, and that she and Choeun have wisdom for raising their children. Pray for Choeun as he continues in Bible School.

Pastor Peter Im and Shirley

Pray that the November trip to Cambodia continues to progress, that more people can go, and that the a new kitchen will be completed when the team is there.

Pray for Nuon Suon

Nuon is one of our hero's. Pray that he continues to be able to travel to Cambodian churches in the U.S and let these churches know about the Khmer audio Bible, and the Jesus Storybook Bible.

Radha Manickam & Samein, Cambodians for Christ Ministry

Pray that they continue to be able to obtain donations to be able to travel to Cambodia and conduct pastor training sessions in the Siem Reap area.

Emily Shuttleworth, Youth With A Mission, Battambang, Cambodia

Pray that she has continued wisdom for her discipleship training and that the students are totally united with Christ and her. Pray that the vision of many pastors to have "a church in every village" comes to fruition.

Pastor Bun Rong By, Tacoma WA

Pray that Pastor Bun Rong completes the Jesus Storybook Bible this month. He's had the files for two years, and he asked the Mission Team if he could have September to complete the work.

Mission Team Looking for New Devices to Carry the Audio Khmer Bible

Turns out that the Talking Bible machine is not a good long term audio player for Cambodia, and a more reliable one costs about $76 each. We are looking for other devices to carry the recording such as Smart Phones, MP3 players, and items that SD cards with the recording could be used in. We're looking for low cost players that can be navigated to get to the books and chapters of the Bible. Let us know if you have ideas.

Khmer Gospel Project Logo

Talking Bible Fundraising

Goal: $25,000
Giving: $1,770

Jesus Storybook Bible

Giving: $7,313

Techies Wanted

Mission Team Needs Another Tech Expert: We meet the first and third Sunday of each month. Please consider joining and assisting us with your gifts and talents. See Jim or Doug.