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Ft. Stevens State Park Camp Out 2018

The Mission Team has already agreed to purchase two camp sites. That means we would like someone new to join us this year. Most sites can take a trailer. Let Jim Terhune or Doug Moorhead know if you'd like to go.

Mary Haag, Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) Newsletter

Mary talks about her training of new counselors, and wonders how to know when to let them start working alone. The final module of the basic counseling class has just been completed. God's hand has been very apparent to Mary as He has provided the instruction/support/subsidy of the CWR Waverly Abby College that has been working with Mary to shape it for Cambodia. This coming year it will be fully in the Khmer language. Pray:

Beth and Choeun Steinbrenner, InterServe, Phnom Penh- Newsletter

Back in the spring, Grandma Mary and Grandpa Lee came for a visit. While here, they taught a parenting class to Choeun’s home church. Anything to do with Godly marriage and family relationships is a felt need here. It is also really difficult to approach as Cambodian society is so different than western society. What does a God-focused marriage and family look like in this context? My parents did a great job trying to bridge the cultural gap and shared things that were really helpful. Our family is different. We are a mix of Cambodia and America. We will never be fully like either. We make family decisions differently and try to create a family culture which is a mix. For example, we accept that it is our duty to look after Choeun’s Mom. We also have two cousins coming to live with us to go to university in the city. We are making an effort to stay connected to family back in the USA. Our family cares for our relatives. On the other hand, we reject that is normal for husbands and wives to live separately to access work or education. We have a limit of two weeks if traveling individually for work and so far have stuck to it. Our family lives together. There are so many other decisions, too. We definitely need wisdom to puzzle it all together and grace for mistakes. A decision we have been wrestling with recently is discerning the ideal schooling for the kids. We think bi-lingual is best.

March 2018 Missions Garage Sale

The Mission Team is planning two EBF sales next year, one in March and one in the summer. If you have things at any time over the next months, please let John Jette know so we can store them in our container on church property.

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Talking Bible Fundraising

Goal: $25,000
Giving: $1,770

Jesus Storybook Bible

Giving: $7,313

Techies Wanted

Mission Team Needs Another Tech Expert: We meet the first and third Sunday of each month. Please consider joining and assisting us with your gifts and talents. See Jim or Doug.