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Housed at Emerald Bible Fellowship

1855 Cal Young Road
Eugene, OR 97401


Interest Centers: Various centers are set up in the room designed to entice and motivate children to learn through interaction with a variety of developmentally appropriate materials. Children can choose activities that interest them. These centers may include: art, manipulatives, home centers, building and construction, puppets and drama, language, math and music.

Group Time: Children sit together as a group and discuss topics relating to the theme of the month and experiences they have had, review the calendar, sing songs, and read stories. Language is especially emphasized during this time.

Project Time: Activities are usually geared towards art, although cooking, planting, woodworking, or creative dramatics may also be used and are coordinated to strengthen and reinforce a theme or concept.

boy painting at an easel

Outdoor Play: Children further large muscle development and social skills while experiencing the outdoor environment.

Snack Time: Another key time to develop social skills while eating a nutritious snack.