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Housed at Emerald Bible Fellowship

1855 Cal Young Road
Eugene, OR 97401


Emerald Child Development Center (ECDC) believes that children are a gift of the Lord (Psalm 127:3). In light of this fact we have a two-fold purpose. Our first concern is to be guided by the principle that each person is a unique creation of God. Therefore, each child has contributions to be made, creativity to be encouraged, responsibilities to be taught and intellectual potential to be developed. Although we do not use a Bible-based curriculum, our curriculum is grounded in and guided by the truth of God’s Word.

Our second concern is to provide quality care and a learning environment that enables children to build self-esteem through positive experiences. The school maintains a balance of activities – active and quiet, group and individual to promote the development of physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual skills.

Our educational philosophy is based on children’s progression through different stages. Each stage is suited to a certain level of learning. We model appropriate behavior, give positive directions, offer choices when possible, and maintain consistency. Our school’s discipline policies are organized around encouragement and praise for acceptable behavior and redirection to more successful choices, rather than punishment for unacceptable behavior.