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We are excited to share with you a great opportunity for all ECDC families and friends. We have signed up for a Scrip Program that will enable us to raise funds for ECDC without selling!


Purchase gift certificates for the same national retailers that you normally use for your everyday needs (or gifts for friends and family), and the school gets to keep a portion of the proceeds. Everyone wins! To see a list of participating retailers, go to the ScripZone Retailer List.


You don’t have to spend any extra money. Just make a simple shift in the manner in which you make your purchases.

Weekly Schedule

Orders are due Monday by noon. Fulfilled orders will be send home with your child on Thursday.


What if I need a larger dollar value on a card?

Some of the gift certificates are available in larger denominations (e.g., Lowes, Home Depot), but this requires a special order. Please give us a week’s notice so that we may alert UnitedScrip.

Do the cards have Expiration Dates and Dormancy Fees?

Some cards will have an expiration date written on them. Companies are now applying a Dormancy Fee or non-use fee as opposed to an expiration date on their gift certificates. This fee will deduct a set dollar amount from the card balance each month (e.g., $1.50 or more) after a certain amount of months of non-use. This amount will be deducted each month until the balance is zero. When the card is once again used, the time period for dormancy will be restarted. In some cases, calling to check a card’s balance will restart the expiration date.

Always check the card before use

Always call the toll-free number on the back of the gift cards for balance information before returning them to us. Most gift cards offer a toll-free number or a site online that can give you the complete history of the card, including the reason why a card may not be valid.

What do I have to do?

The first step is to make sure your weekly spending pattern involved UnitedScrip vendors (see the vendor list)! Then, place your scrip order to include your grocery, gas, clothing, dining out, and travel needs in anticipation of your weekly spending habits. If you maximize your use of certificates, ECDC will earn maximum profits!

How does my group make money?

ECDC places one large order with UnitedScrip each week. ECDC pays UnitedScrip the discounted amount for the certificate. You pay ECDC the face value for the certificates. ECDC keeps the difference.

When does ECDC see a profit?

ECDC makes profit from the very first order! There is no waiting. ECDC will have extra money to spend the first week, and you earned this money for us, even though you have not spent one penny more than usual.

How much can ECDC earn?

There is no limit on what ECDC can earn. The amount of profit ECDC realizes from this program depends on the number of families who are willing to focus their spending habits.

How do I pay for my certificates?

Send a check with your order form for the entire amount. Make the check out to: ECDC.

How do Place my order?

Send the order form back in your child’s Scrip Envelope. We will pick them up from each classroom.

How do I pick up my certificates?

Certificates will be available for pick-up at ECDC or sent to your home, at your discretion.

Are certificates good at all locations?

UnitedScrip certificates are good nationally, at all locations.

Do the stores give change?

Debit cards hold the balance until you use it again.

Do the certificates expire?

Certificates usually have a 1-2 year expiration date, if any.

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